Windows 8.1 app samples in C#, VB.NET, C++, JavaScript


Accelerometer sensor sample
Account picture name sample
Alarm toast notifications sample
Animation metrics sample
App package information sample
App settings sample
App tiles and badges sample
AppContainer mobile broadband pin, connection, and device management sample
Application data sample
Application resources and localization sample
Application Views
Appointments API sample
Association launching sample
AtomPub sample
Audio effects discovery sample
Background task sample
Background Transfer sample
Barcode scanner sample
Bluetooth Generic Attribute Profile - Heart Rate Service
Bluetooth Rfcomm Chat
Calendar details and math sample
CameraCaptureUI Sample
CameraOptionsUI Sample
Clipboard app sample
Compass sensor sample
Compression sample
Connecting with WebSockets sample
Connectivity Manager Sample
Contact manager API sample
Contact Picker app sample
Content prefetch sample
Context menu sample
ControlChannelTrigger HTTP client sample
ControlChannelTrigger StreamSocket sample
ControlChannelTrigger StreamWebSocket sample
Creating a game leaderboard with Windows Azure Mobile Services
Creating a Windows Runtime DLL component with C++ sample
Creating a Windows Runtime EXE component with C++ sample
Creating a Windows Runtime in-process component sample (C++CX)
Credential locker sample
Credential picker sample
Cryptography and Certificate sample
Custom driver access sample
Custom HID Device Access Sample
Custom USB device access sample
DatagramSocket sample
Date and time formatting sample
Device auto rotation preferences sample
Device enumeration sample
Disable screen capture sample
Display orientation sample
Display power state sample
Doto Windows Azure Mobile Services sample
EAS policies for mail clients sample
Edge gesture invocation sample
Enqueue and dequeue messages with Windows Azure Mobile Services
File access sample
File and folder thumbnail sample
File picker contracts sample
File picker sample
File Revocation Manager Sample
FileLoggingSession Sample
Firmware Update USB Device sample
Folder enumeration sample
Geolocation sample
Globalization preferences sample
Gyrometer sensor sample
Handling Contact Actions
HomeGroup app sample
HTML WebView control sample
HttpClient sample
Inclinometer sensor sample
Indexer sample
Inking with XAML and SwapChainPanel sample
Input Device capabilities sample
Input Gestures and manipulations with GestureRecognizer
Input Simplified ink sample
Input Touch keyboard sample
Input Touch keyboard text input sample
Input XAML user input events sample
Japanese phonetic analysis globalization sample
Json Sample
Language font mapping sample
Library management Sample
LightSensor sample
Lock screen apps sample
Lock Screen Call SDK Sample
Lock screen personalization sample
LoggingSession Sample
Magnetic stripe reader sample
Media capture using capture device sample
Media extensions sample
Media Play To sample
Media Server client sample
MediaStreamSource streaming sample
Message dialog sample
Mobile broadband account and device management sample
Mobile broadband account provisioning sample
Multiple Views Sample
Network information sample
Network status background sample
Number formatting and parsing sample
OrientationSensor sample
PDF viewer sample
Playback Manager Companion Sample
Playback Manager msAudioCategory sample
Playlist sample
PlayToReceiver sample
Print job management and printer maintenance
Print sample
Print settings and print notifications
Programmatic file search sample
Projection sample
Proximity API multiplayer networked game sample
Proximity sample
Push and periodic notifications client-side sample
Raw notifications sample
Reading and writing data sample
Reading and writing to Windows Azure Mobile Services
Real-time communication sample
Removable storage sample
Responding to the appearance of the on-screen keyboard sample
Scaling according to DPI sample
Scan Runtime API Sample
Scheduled notifications sample
Search contract sample
SearchBox control sample
Secondary tiles sample
Semantic Text Query sample
Sending email notification with Windows Azure Mobile Services
Sharing content source app sample
Sharing content target app sample
Simple imaging sample
SimpleOrientationSensor sample
Smart card sample
SMS background task sample
SMS message send, receive, and SIM management sample
Speech synthesis sample
Splash screen sample
StreamSocket sample
Syndication sample
System media transport controls sample
Text Segmentation API Sample
Thread pool sample
Toast notifications sample
Transcoding media sample
Trial app and in-app purchase sample
UI contrast and settings sample
Unicode string processing API sample
USB CDC Control sample
User domain name sample
UserConsentVerifier Sample
USSD message management sample
Web authentication broker sample
Wi-Fi hotspot authentication sample
WiFiDirectDevice sample
Windows account authorization sample
Windows Azure Mobile Services authentication with social identity providers
Windows Runtime in-process component authoring with proxystub generation sample
Windows Runtime XML data API sample
Windows Store device app for camera sample
XAML accessibility sample
XAML animation library sample
XAML AppBar control sample
XAML control and app styling sample
XAML data binding sample
XAML DatePicker and TimePicker controls sample
XAML essential controls sample
XAML FlipView control sample
XAML Flyout and MenuFlyout sample
XAML GridView grouping and SemanticZoom sample
XAML high contrast style sample
XAML Hub control sample
XAML images sample
XAML input and manipulations - advanced concepts
XAML ListView and GridView customizing interactivity sample
XAML ListView and GridView essentials sample
XAML ListView and GridView reorder and drag and drop sample
XAML media playback sample
XAML Navigation sample
XAML personality animations sample
XAML Popup sample
XAML render to bitmap sample
XAML requested theme sample
XAML scrolling, panning, and zooming sample
XAML SurfaceImageSource DirectX interop sample
XAML SwapChainPanel DirectX interop sample
XAML text display sample
XAML text editing sample
XAML two-dimensional transforms sample
XAML user and custom controls sample
XAML vector-based drawing sample
XAML WebView control sample
XLinq, XmlReader, and XmlWriter data message query sample